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In 1998, Tibs introduced a prototype Hino HS3KRKA bus, which was registered as TIB905Y. This bus is the first new Hino bus procured by Tibs since the 1980s. It was fitted with a Volgren CR221L body, making it the first Tibs bus to be bodied by Volgren, Australia. As Tibs was not satisfied with the design of the CR221L body, Volgren came out with a new design (CR222L) that was used on another 11 Hino HS3KRKA buses which entered service later in the same year. This second batch of buses also have bluish green vinyl seat covers instead of the usual patterned green fabric. 

All 12 Hinos are based in Kranji Depot. TIB905Y is a spare bus, while the other Hinos are commonly seen on 188, 927, 945, 947 and 985.  

Technical / Operational Information

  Prototype  Others

Registration number range

TIB905Y TIB947B - TIB957Y
Fleet size  1 11
Engine  Hino K13U
Gearbox  ZF 4HP500

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