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Dennis Lance


The Malaysian company UMW Specialist Vehicles, Sdn Bhd. partners with Dennis, UK to produce and assemble Dennis buses in the country. As there were too many left over buses lying in the garage, Tibs was able to buy the Lances at a cheaper price. Tibs ordered a total of 50 units fitted with Duple Metsec bodies. Some of the earlier Lances used plastic front and side destos, but they were subsequently replaced by Twin Vision EDS. The first bus went to its subsidiary Singapore Shuttle Bus (SSB) in 1998, and was registered as CSS310U. Another 48 buses were registered soon after that. 41 of which entered mainstream service and were registered with "TIB" prefix while the rest were registered with "PA" prefix. These PA-registered Lances were painted in the standard Tibs livery but without any corporate logo. The last unit was left unregistered in Woodlands Depot. In 2003, this bus was registered as PA4076K. Tibs is currently seeking buyers for these buses.

In 2000, Tibs introduced 20 UK-made Dennis Lances that they had ordered previously. They were also bodied by Duple Metsec. All 20 buses were initially registered with "TIB" prefix, but the last 5 buses were later re-registered with "PA" prefix while still inside Ang Mo Kio Depot. As a result, these 5 PA-registered UK-made Lances have the Tibs logo painted on the buses, unlike the PA-registered Malaysian Lances.

Also in 2000, Tibs introduced 2 Dennis Lances that were fitted with Volgren bodies instead of Duple Metsec. The chassis were produced by UMW and were later fitted with Volgren bodies in Johor Bahru. These two buses are usually deployed on service 851.

Currently all the Lances are based in Ang Mo Kio Depot.

Technical / Operational Information

  Malaysian-made  UK-made 

Duple Metsec body

Volgren body 

Duple Metsec body

Registration number range 

TIB906U - TIB946D; PA644Y; CSS310U PA639M, PA648Z, PA649J, PA669B, PA715B, PA716Z, PA4076K TIB1017D - TIB1018B TIB1002X - TIB1016G PA2020J, PA2022D, PA2054L, PA2058B, PA2063K

Fleet size 

43 7 2 15 5


Cummins C245 

Cummins C211 

Cummins C245 

Cummins C245 


ZF 4HP500

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