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Mercedes Benz O405


From 1994 to 1996, Tibs introduced a total of 308 Hispano-bodied Mercedes-Benz O405s. All are air-conditioned with the exception of 73 examples that were introduced in 1996. This was because the Land Transport Authority had capped the proportion of air-con buses at 60% back then.  These buses were eventually fitted with air-conditioners in 2001.

In 1998, Tibs introduced 15 O405s that were fitted with the Volgren CR222L body which was first used on 11 Hino HS3KRKAs. Currently these buses are permanently deployed on services 67, 77, 171, 189, 920, 961, 963, 965, 969, 970 and 980.  

Technical / Operational Information


Hispano body, OAC

Hispano body, CAC 

Volgren body

Registration number range

TIB425R - TIB561E;

 TIB572Z - TIB634D;

 TIB798P - TIB832Z

TIB725A - TIB797S TIB958U - TIB972C
Fleet size 235 73 15
Engine Mercedes OM447hLA 

Mercedes Benz OM447hA 

Gearbox ZF 4HP500

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