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Mercedes Benz O405G


On 16 March 1996, at 1000 hours, Singapore's first articulated bus, a Hispano-bodied Mercedes Benz O405G registered as TIB838H, started to pick up passengers at Yishun Interchange. The Bendy bus, which was serving service 171 that plies between Yishun and Marina Centre, marked a new milestone in the history of Singapore's public transport system.  In 1998, another 56 buses of similar specifications were introduced. Currently, most of the type are based in Kranji Depot, with the others being based in  Woodlands Depot.

In 1999, Tibs introduced another 29 Bendy buses which uses the newer bodywork design by Hispano, which is also nicknamed the "Citaro". The new design incorporates more curves and hence, cause the bus to look more modern.

Tibs ordered another 239 O405Gs in response to the demand for such high capacity buses. 208 of them were fitted with designer bodies. The Hispano-Habit body fitted on these buses were designed by Pininfarina of Italy, who designs Ferrari cars. This model incorporates striking interiors, along with new air con outlets. It is also slightly longer than the other models, and hence able to fit an additional row of seats in the trailer section. The first batch of Habit buses was introduced in mid-2000, amidst much fanfare such as free joyrides and souvenir bookmarks at all Tibs interchanges. It is also currently the most expensive type in Tibs fleet.

One particular O405G chassis was fitted with a Volgren CR222L demonstrator bodywork. It was registered as TIB1024H, a registration number specially reserved for the bus. In 2001, Tibs introduced another 20 O405Gs fitted with the same kind of body, but with some minor differences in the exterior (refer to photos below). In addition, these 20 buses have the same interior, which is different from TIB1024H. All 21 Volgren-bodied O405Gs are based at Woodlands Depot.

While the first batch of Habits was introduced in 2000, the buses were progressively introduced only when there is a demand. The last 2 buses, TIB1246 and TIB1247, were finally put on the roads in March 2004, after the latest batch of 4 buses from Woodlands Depot was out in early January 2004. The last batch of 6 buses based in Ang Mo Kio depot were introduced in mid-November 2003. 

Technical / Operational Information



Hispano-Carrocera ("Citaro") Hispano-Habit Volgren
Registration number range


TIB849B - TIB904A

TIB973A - TIB1001Z

TIB1019Z* - TIB1023K;


TIB1063U - TIB1177A;

 TIB1198P - TIB1207Y

TIB1025E* - TIB1060C;


 TIB1208U - TIB1247G


 TIB1188T - TIB1197S

 TIB1178Y - TIB1187X
Fleet size 57 29 131 77 11 10
Engine Mercedes Benz 447hLA 447hLA
Gearbox ZF 4HP500 Voith D863.3 ZF 4HP500

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