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Scania L113CRL


In 1995, TIBS introduced 10 Scania L113CRLs fitted with Alexander Strider bodies. The L113CRL is supposed to be a low-entrance chassis but due to the additional space occupied by the under floor air-cons, these buses have a step at the entrance. Another 40 examples were introduced later in the year. 

In 1996, Tibs introduced the first public buses in Singapore that have a low, zero step entrance. From the entrance, the aisle slopes slightly upwards, and hence, there is a step at the exit. These 15 Scania L113CRLs were fitted with ELBO bodies from Greece and were initially non air-conditioned (TIB833X, the first one, had a roof-mounted air-con, which was later removed). In 2001, all 15 ELBO-bodied Scanias were fitted with roof-mounted air-cons by Hispacold as Tibs moved towards the goal of having a 100% air-conditioned fleet. Many of these buses also had their windscreens replaced with the Hispano ones, probably for easier maintainance.

Currently all Tibs Scanias are based in Woodlands Depot and are commonly found on services such as 75, 167, 178, 187, 700, 857, 921, 961, 970 and 980. It is also been known that TIBS is currently seeking potential buyers for the older Alexander bodied L113CRLs.

Technical / Operational Information


Alexander bodied  


Registration number range 

TIB562C - TIB571C;

TIB635B - TIB674M

TIB833X - TIB837K;

TIB839E - TIB848D

Fleet size  50 15
Engine Scania DSC1171 Scania DSC11
Gearbox  ZF 4HP500

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